Healing Relief Aid for Kayenta - 5,000 Masks

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The Navajo Nation now has the highest rate of infection per capita in the USA.

Mutual Aid is needed fast for our sisters and brothers! While local, indigenous-made reusable masks are an end goal, disposable  masks will help keep families safe in the meantime. 

*We have focused our attention with this emergency drive on the Kayenta school district, which serves approximately 2000 students, and has been particularly hard hit.*

The goal is for every student and family member to receive a protective mask ASAP!

And while 5000 masks is our initial goal, we can keep funding past the objective and raise our bar as we move forward. Including for other essential supply needs we may be able to help with

Collectively caring for each other is the only way forward.

Please join us. 

A coordination between monkoil & incausa

*We are using Incausa NGO to funnel the funds (this channel), make the purchases, and deliver as many masks as possible.

**Please try a secondary form of payment if the 1st doesn't go through, as the NGO is based in Brasil, and as an International Vendor some credit cards may block a payment.


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