A Global Emergency Fund For The Amazon Basin Indigenous Nations *Exploratory Campaign

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*Exploratory Campaign

Governments across the globe were fast to act to protect its citizens, but the First Nations are not equipped with the same articulations to guarantee emergency & stimulus funds to prepare, fight and build upon this crisis.

While there are good examples of well-composed campaigns orchestrated by Indigenous Leaderships and Associations, the vast majority of their communities and NGOs that support their cause are widely exposed to this emergency and will not able to coalign and tackle this pandemic, especially the economic backlash that comes with it. 

With no intent to upstage any other campaigns, but to funnel resources in an attempt to literally funnel help through our established network directly to so many communities from the Original Nations of the Amazon Basin, and furthermore with many NGO's and small independent initiatives resonant with the "Cause".

We start this exploratory campaign to use our financial channels to receive funds into our NGO in Brasil, which is licensed to offer financial services to the communities we serve inside Brasil and begin fundraising and listing all incursions of capital in this website.

Here is the initial list of beneficiaries (to be updated):

Kraho - Kajr'e Association
Xavante - Ripa & Cacula Association
Kayapo - Kabu Association
Yanomami - Hutukara, Demiri & Sanuma Association
ISA - Social EnvironmentalInstitute
Mehinako - Utawana Association
Kuikuro - Kuikuro Association
Cinta Larga - Cinta Larga Association
Warao - TBA


$212.00raised of $1,000,000,000.00 goal

0% funded

100 % of the funds raised will be available to the associations & NGOs listed. *updating the list as we grow.

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