4x4 Severe Terrain Vehicle Fundraising

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The terrain inside demarcated areas is severe and can become extremely challenging to access, especially during the 7 months-long rainy seasons.

When bridges collapse and trails that stretch for 15 to 90 miles become running streams or impassable mud beds, only a specialized vehicle can cope with the extreme conditions. Having a safe and dependable vehicle to navigate this terrain will ensure the routes we and our partners in the community rely on, can remain accessible year-round.

Currently, the movement of goods is only made possible by pooling already tight resources, sharing space in compact cars and motorcycles, and convoying these unsuitable vehicles to deliver a large enough volume of goods to ensure the trip is somewhat economically viable.

In Brazil, the cost of a used four-wheel-drive vehicle, in good condition, ranges from 14K to 26K (USD). All contributions are strictly designated for the purchase of this vehicle.

If we manage to raise funds beyond this projected cost, we will use any additional amount to cover the expense of documentation, maintenance, and fuel.

It is important to state that the first vehicle we intend to purchase will be owned and maintained by Incausa NGO in Brazil, operated and managed by our team at Incausa’s base of operations in Nova Xavantina, MT, Brazil.


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