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Our non profit arm, established in Brazil in 2018, is now fully operational. The main objective for 2020 was to overcome the chronic challenge of accessibility to and from Indigenous Demarcated Territories.

Even with our physical base in the region, the cost of severe terrain vehicle hire is still the greatest obstacle we face. This makes moving artisanal goods from demarcated territories to market cumbersome, expensive and; at times, dangerous, both for us and our partners.

Currently, private agents charge exorbitant prices and have monopolized the transport system between villages and neighboring townships.To afford the cost of a journey, families pool together, often taking serious risks in the process, with at times more than 30 people grouped together in the back of a truck bed.

Incausa already passes on all profit margins from the sale of indigenous artisanship, and uses available resources to leverage production growth. However, until now we have not had a mechanism to raise funds in the event of emergencies, or unforeseen circumstances.

In order to remedy this and more important then ever now under COVID19 Threat, we are humbled to establish the addition of a crowdfunding platform channel to our website and work. This will allow us to improve the quality of our work, give our partners and staff a greater degree of security, and to deepen our existing ties with communities in the region.


Improving independence of movement will lead to multiple future benefits. Starting with fundraising for the specialized vehicle, we then plan on a sequence of capital raising initiatives which will support the planting of buriti nurseries, food sovereignty support, solar energy infrastructure, internet provision, computer & phone hardware, e-commerce workshops, the purchase of payment remittance systems, and the development of sustainable tourism opportunities.

This process will allow us to build what we believe to be the first indigenous cause centered crowdfunding platform. Chartered by Incausa’s benefit-corp operations articles, to be legally bound as a corporation that works for the social sovereign prosperity of indigenous communities across the globe.

The need is urgent and the time is now. We will continue to add information, articles, media and governance related documentation as we evolve and mature this concept. We hope you can join us in making this ambition a reality and we thank you for your generosity.

Photography: Ana Carolina de Lima @antropologiavisual